Dianne Hanson
Internet Assistant
5 years
Nicki Gohlmann
F&I - 12 years
Kari Raulerson
Parts Department Sales
3 months
Teaira McCormick
Service Cashier - 3 months
Pam Pratt
Special Finance - 8 years
Beth Kogoy
Import Sales Manager
22 years
Stephanie Dunlap
Service Cashier - 2 years
Kathy Dunlap
Operator - 19 years
Barbara Means
Accounts Receivable - 6 years
Joey Holland
Shirley Fritsch
Service Receptionist - 19 years
Sammi King
Import Sales - 16 years
Donna Smoot
Chevrolet F&I - 19 years
Sharon Marker
Accounts Payable - 22 years
Dianne Farley
Title Administrator
22 years
Jeannie Taylor
Body Shop Receptionist
4 years
Leshia Burgess
Imports F&I - 15 years
Mary Prowse
Office Manager - 33 years
Missy Moles
Title Administrator - 6 years
Dawn Bailey
Service Sales Manager
7 years
Linda Starcher
Service Cashier - 7 years
Susan Brooks
Executive Assistant - 21 years
Andrea Greene
Marketing Coordinator
3 months

When we think of women in the automotive industry, most of us see a receptionist or someone behind the desk doing paper work and other behind the scene tasks. Not at Joe Holland Chevrolet & Imports of South Charleston, WV. "I am proud to have women in both top management and numerous key positions throughout the dealership." says Joey Holland, President of Joe Holland Chevrolet, Inc.

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with Service Sales Manager
Dawn Bailey
In the Service Department, which has always been a male dominated area, our Service Sales Manager is a female with 20 years experience in the automotive industry. Dawn Bailey has been with Joe Holland for over seven years and is here to answer any questions or concerns you have with the service of your vehicle. Dawn says, "The most satisfactory part of my job is when a customer comes in and we can comfort them by proving who we are and solving their problem."

In our Import Sales Department featuring Hyundai and Volkswagen, our female Sales Manager, Beth Kogoy, has been with Joe Holland for over 22 years. Her team had record breaking sales for January. Beth says, "The best part about working here is the excitement of every sale. They are all different and customers are pleasantly surprised to be working with several women throughout the sales process."

That sales process of course includes the financing of your vehicle. At Joe Holland we have three female Finance Managers. Donna Smoot has been with Joe Holland for 18 years, Leshia Burgess 15 years, and Nicki Gohlmann 13 years. "Each one of our Finance Managers is committed to making every customer feel comfortable and respected throughout the financing process", says Joey.

At Joe Holland we understand the need for women to feel they are receiving trustworthy information and advice when it comes to service on their vehicle or the purchase of a vehicle. Our professional and experienced women are here to assist you with all phases of your automotive experience.

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